Shredding Inefficiencies: Fahrenheit® RAD-AX® Technology Unclogs Utz Potato Chip Production. The Denver-based Condor Snack Company, owned by Utz Potato Chip Co., processes approximately 120,000 pounds of potatoes per day. Potatoes are delivered, washed to remove dirt, peeled, sliced, washed again, and then fried. Condor uses six different types of oils. Wastewater, debris, starch and the potato peels flow from floor drains into a sump. Equipment is cleaned weekly with 180o water and caustic beads to remove oils used in frying. This hot caustic liquid and oils flow into the sump and are added to the mix for a sump pump to remove. Clogged pumps halted production multiple times each shift. Read how Industrial Flow Solutions SKGF series pumps solved the problem.