Industrial Flow Solutions™ (IFS) headquartered in New Haven, Connecticut, USA specializes in the design, manufacturing, sales, & service of wastewater pumps and controls including OverWatch® Direct In-Line Pump Systems, BJM Pumps®, Dreno Pompe, Stancor®, Oil Minder® and DERAGGER® products ideal for the municipal, industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

With over 200 years’ technical & application experience, IFS supports partners through the design, build, test, install and post-install processes. In the New Haven location, a state-of-the-art, in-house testing facility that is built to Hydraulic Institute Standards enables comprehensive testing with rapid results. With a focus on turning customers’ flow problems into flow solutions, IFS products lower costs, increase efficiencies, and minimize the environmental impact. IFS is committed to offering industry leading response times with a high human touch from initial inquiry to post-installation support.

IFS strengthens commitment to Central Connecticut through new job creation, tech acquisition, and by tapping new capital resources, CLICK HERE to learn more.