Customized Control Panels

  • Customized automation pump controls and level sensors
  • Manage an entire system of pumps and associated equipment
  • Graphical dashboards and numerical level indicators
  • Cellular based remoted monitoring options
  • Triplex control panels manage three pump operation Available in 5 float, 6 float or transducer set point modes
  • Implement Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), booster pumps and transducers for maximum efficiency
  • Intrinsically safe panels
  • Manage electricity usage and maximize pump life
  • Manage output flow via PID loop, set point speeds or discharge pressure of pumps for lift stations
  • Includes transducers to monitor well water pressure to trigger help from other system component



Top Compatible Pumps

  • SV/SE Series

    • Non-clog solids handling wastewater pump
    • Cast iron, vortex impeller
    • Large impeller clearance
    Series Details
  • SB Series

    • Cleanwater dewatering pump
    • Double mechanical seal
    • ABS + glass fiber impeller
    Series Details
  • SEW Series

    • Heavy-duty, non-clog solids handling wastewater pump
    • Cast iron pump with recess vortex impeller to pass 2‐inch solids
    Series Details
  • SL Series

    • Low suction, cleanwater dewatering pump
    • Pumps down to 1/8”
    • Abrasive resistant, Hytrel-resin vortex impeller
    Series Details