Solids-handling pumps keep food and beverage facilities safe and compliant

Keeping your production flowing. IFS handles some of the toughest wastewater pumping challenges in the Food and Beverage Industry. Our Fahrenheit® series high temperature and corrosion resistant pumps are available in several configurations including solids handling, shredding, or clear liquid designs. Pair our pumps with customizable controls for a complete package solution.

If your concerns in food and beverage processing include:
  • Sanitation and FSMA compliance to ensure minimal exposure to occupants
  • Ability to handle oil, grease and animal fats, pits, skins, rinds, other solids
  • High temperature wastewater, high volume runoff
  • Caustic and acidic chemicals used for cleaning

We offer specialized pump solutions that feature:

  • Non-clog, dual-shredding (Radial + Axial) impeller designs to tear, break, or rip solids
  • High temperature capability (up to 200°F continuous duty)
  • Corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel solids handling or effluent designs
  • OverWatch™ Direct In-Line Pumping provides the ability to eliminate wet wells and contain odors and gases

Recommended Products For This Industry

OverWatch™ Direct In-Line Pump System

  • Patented system lifts effluent directly at point of entry
  • Patented impeller/shredder cuts fibrous materials and other solids
  • Variable Speed Drives for continuous modulated pumping directly from the effluent inlet to save energy
Series Details

JXF Series

  • Fahrenheit® HIGH TEMPERATURE, corrosion-resistant, dewatering pump
  • Cast 316 stainless steel
  • High temperature up to 200°F (93°C)
Series Details

SS Series

  • Corrosion-resistant, 316 stainless steel solids handling wastewater pump
  • 316 stainless steel construction, FKM elastomers
  • Non-clogging vortex impeller
Series Details

SKX Series

  • CORROSION-RESISTANT 316 Stainless steel shredding/cutting solids handling pump
  • Designed to tear, break, rip solids
  • Max solids <3.5”
Series Details


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