Sand, Sludge, & Slurry Pumps

Sand, Sludge, & Slurry Pumps

Sand, sludge, & slurry submersible pumps move slurry and water with solids from one location to another. Industrial Flow Solutions offers the design, installation, and service of high-quality submersible pumps. Our pumps offer superior performance and construction designed for tough environments and are commonly used in commercial, industrial, municipal, and residential applications.

Industrial Flow Solutions Features and Benefits

When you choose Industrial Flow Solutions, we work with you to assess the requirements of your project and design a pump system that meets your needs. Our pumps include the following brands:

Our Sand Sludge Submersible Pumps

We offer sand and sludge pumps with single and three-phase voltages. Construction materials include high-chrome iron, hardened-ductile iron, cast iron, and cast aluminum. Our KZN, KB, KZE, and LWA series pumps all feature class H motor insulation, while the KHD/KHH, SKR, and SL series utilize class F motor insulation. We offer the following sand and sludge pumps series:

  • BJM Pumps®
  • Dreno Pompe
  • Oil Minder® 
  • OverWatch® Direct In-Line Pump Systems
  • Stancor®
  • KZN
  • KB 
  • KHD/KHH 
  • KZE 
  • KZN-HYD 
  • LWA 
  • SKR 
  • SL Solids Series 
  • SK Series


Our pumps easily handle abrasive slurries, acidic and caustic fluids, and heavy solids-laden liquids. Fahrenheit series pumps can also handle fluid temperatures up to 200 degrees. Sand sludge submersible pumps are perfect for applications including:

  • Beach construction and dredging
  • Marine maintenance
  • Paper mills
  • Wastewater systems

Compatible Environments 

Our abrasion-resistant sand sludge pumps are well-suited to many different indoor and outdoor environments, including campgrounds, harbors, manufacturing facilities, river dredging operations, schools, and waste treatment plants.

Heavy-Duty Sand and Sludge Submersible Pumps

When you need to move fine solids or slurries, turn to Industrial Flow Solutions. We design, manufacture, sell, and service high-quality sand, sludge, and slurry submersible pumps for commercial,  industrial, municipal, and residential customers. Contact us to find the ideal pump for your situation.


1. How Large Can the Debris Be for a Sand or Sludge Pump?

Sand or sludge pumps can generally handle small debris. For example, our KZN370 model pumps can accommodate solids up to 1.5 inches.

2. What Is the Life Expectancy of a Sludge Pump?

Most sludge pumps will perform for about 10 years with proper maintenance and operation, sometimes much longer. However, factors including the pumping height and concentration of solids by weight can affect performance and the need for repairs.

3. Where Are Sand and Sludge Pumps Required?

Sand and sludge submersible pumps are required to move solid-containing water. Dredging operations, wastewater treatment, and gravel pit emptying are common uses.