BJM Pumps® by Industrial Flow Solutions

BJM Pumps®

BJM Pumps® by Industrial Flow Solutions are designed for harsh environments to save our customers money by minimizing downtime and increasing efficiency. This results in a better total cost of ownership over the service life of our pumps.

BJM Pumps offers tailored solutions for heavy solids-laden liquids, abrasive slurries, acidic or caustic fluids, and fluid temperatures up to 200⁰ F. Our unique Fahrenheit® series high-temperature pumps are capable of continuously handling 200⁰ solutions.

BJM Pumps® also offers a broad range of specialty solutions including:

As part of the Industrial Flow Solutions product family, BJM Pumps® deliver outstanding performance supported by industry-leading lead times, personalized customer service and best-in-class technical support.

Superior Pump design
  • High-quality submersible pumps
  • Designed for harsh, rugged environments
  • Specific pumps for high temperature, high endurance applications
  • Reduces downtime and increase maintenance efficiency
Best-in-Class Customer Support
  • Expert, highly trained authorized distributors support you
  • Best-in-class availability and shorter lead times
  • Highly trained applications engineers to help design systems
  • Technically trained authorized distributors to help diagnose problems and provide effective solutions

Featured Products

KZN Series

  • Abrasion-resistant solids-handling pump
  • Heavy duty, high-chrome agitator for sand/ sludge/ slurry applications
  • Double silicon carbide mechanical seals
Series Details

SKF Series

  • Fahrenheit® HIGH TEMPERATURE, solids-handling, non-clog pump
  • Solids handling <3.5”
  • 304 stainless steel
Series Details

Perfecta® Series

  • Lightweight, corrosion resistant, non-metallic dewatering pump
  • Compact and highly durable
Series Details

SKG Series

  • Patented dual-shredding RAD-AX® (cut/ /shear) technology solids handling pump
  • Prevents clogs <10% solids (by volume)
  • Hardened 440C stainless steel cutting elements
Series Details


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