Anti-Ragging Technology

The End of Ragging in Modern Wastewater Systems

The DERAGGER® is a leading product in the municipal industry used to eliminate ragging and clogging issues in pump stations. With the ability to detect early rags and clogs in real time, the DERAGGER® is a cost saving tool for the Municipal, Industrial and Commercial industries. A smart technology that is available in four different models, the DERAGGER® can provide intelligent data monitoring and analytics designed to meet specific application needs.

  • Eliminate ragging issues by monitoring the dynamic torque waveform in real-time to keep the pump running clean over its full frequency range
  • High-resolution power analyzer provides powerful data to help give remote insight into your pump station
  • Save money, time, and maintenance with on-boarding applications
  • Simplify pumping system controls with a DERAGGER Pro that requires no PLC or integrator
  • Modular approach that requires no re-design of control panels. Simply add this to your new or existing panel

As part of the Industrial Flow Solutions product family, DERAGGER® delivers outstanding performance supported by industry-leading lead times, personalized customer service and best-in-class technical support.

  • Anti-Ragging – Clean cycles over a 0-60hz real time range, cleans cycle on startup, periodic timed clean cycles
  • Money Saving Applications – odor control, derived flow, advanced motor protection, etc.
  • Power Analyzer – 40+ parameters always monitored to reduce maintenance and save energy
Industries and Applications


Lift stations and wastewater treatment facilities


Food, beverage, and pharmaceutical processing


Hotels, hospitals, correctional facilities, universities, and residential complexes

Featured Products


  • Wealth of diagnostic information and pump data
  • Simple plug and play to any starter type
  • Includes multiple Apps to help protect your assets
Series Details


  • The DERAGGER LITE™ anti-ragging device will eradicate pump clogs in wastewater pumps
  • Reduces spills and polluting incidents
  • Minimal interruption to ‘live’ sites
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  • Modular interface for DERAGGER+ and supported accessories
  • Increases energy efficiency and reduces cost
  • Easily commissioned through color touch screen HMI
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DERAGGER® Power Monitor

  • SMART TECHNOLOGY: It’s a robust power analyzer and data logger combined.
  • EASE OF INTEGRATION: Is a small unit, which installs into existing or new panels, is quick to set-up and compatible with all starter types, VFDs etc.
  • SIMPLE KEYPAD INTERFACE: Easy-to-use keypad has USB connectivity and convenient SD Card data storage.
Series Details

Case Studies

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  string(70) "City of Palestine TX Flushes Problems Away – DERAGGER Case Study"
  string(83) "City plunges forward, flushes problems away. Saves over $100,000 in 8 months!"
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City of Palestine TX Flushes Problems Away – DERAGGER Case Study

City plunges forward, flushes problems away. Saves over $100,000 in 8 months!