Corrosion-resistant, Solids Handling Wastewater Pump

  • Corrosion-Resistant, Solids Handling, Wastewater Pump
  • 316 stainless steel construction
  • FKM elastomers
  • Non-clogging vortex impeller
  • Double mechanical seals (SiC/SiC + CA/CE)
  • Solids handling up to 1.77″ (45 mm)
  • Available in freestanding or guide rail configurations
  • Built-in auto float available in single-phase models
  • Single phase, 3 phase
  • Built-in thermal protection
  • SUS 316 motor shaft (wetted section)
  • 2 pole motors
  • Class B motor insulation
  • 0.5 HP – 7.5 HP
  • Compatible with Oil Minder® System
ModelDatasheet & CurvesMotor RatingVoltagePhase FrequencyFull Load AmpsDischargeWeightMax HeadMax FlowMax Solids
SS-50-1ph* Download IFS-Stancor-SS50-datasheet.pdf 0.5HP115/208/2301ph-60Hz8/4.4/42" NPS-F29 lbs36'88 GPM35mm
SS-50-3ph* Download IFS-Stancor-SS50-datasheet.pdf 0.5HP208/230/460/5753ph-60Hz3.1/2.8/1.4/1.22" NPS-F, 2" NPS-F or 3" NPT-F, 3" NPT-M, 3" or 4" NPT-F123 lbs, 137 lbs, 230 lbs, 29 lbs, 40 lbs, 77 lbs, 79 lbs36'88 GPM18.9mm, 35mm, 45mm
SS-100-1ph* Download IFS-Stancor-SS100-datasheet.pdf 1hp115/208/2301ph-60Hz12/6.6/62" NPS-F40 lbs46'118 GPM45mm
SS-100-3ph* Download IFS-Stancor-SS100-datasheet.pdf 1hp208/230/460/5753ph-60Hz4.4/4/2/1.62" NPS-F40 lbs46'118 GPM45mm
SS-200-1ph* Download IFS-Stancor-SS200-datasheet.pdf 2hp208/2301ph-60Hz12.2/112" NPS-F or 3" NPT-F77 lbs66'156 GPM45mm
SS-200-3ph* Download IFS-Stancor-SS200-datasheet.pdf 2hp208/230/460/5753ph-60Hz7.7/7/3.5/2.52" NPS-F or 3" NPT-F77 lbs66'156 GPM45mm
SS-300* Download IFS-Stancor-SS300-datasheet.pdf 3hp208/230/460/5753ph-60Hz8.8/8/4.5/3.62" NPS-F or 3" NPT-F79 lbs76'176 GPM45mm
SS-500* Download IFS-Stancor-SS500-datasheet.pdf 5hp208/230/460/5753ph-60Hz16.6/15/8/6.42" NPS-F or 3" NPT-F123 lbs89'275 GPM45mm
SS-750* Download IFS-Stancor-SS750-datasheet.pdf 7.5hp208/230/460/5753ph-60Hz23.2/21/10.5/8.43" or 4" NPT-F137 lbs105'290 GPM45mm
SL1000SS-2 Download IFS-Stancor-SL1000SS-datasheet.pdf 10hp460/5753ph-60Hz14/113" NPT-M230 lbs81'320 GPM18.9mm