P/S Series

  • Heavy duty, dewatering pump with cast 356 T6 aluminum motor housing
  • Stainless steel handle and discharge connection
  • Wear-resistant, nitrile rubble/wear plates. Heavy duty, dewatering pump with cast 356 T6 aluminum motor housing
  • Stainless steel handle and discharge connection
  • Heavy-duty jacketed 50′ cable
  • Stainless steel impeller
  • High-chrome version available for high-wear resistance
  • Wear-resistant, neoprene rubber/ wear plates
  • Polyurethane wear plates available with high chrome version
  • Tandem mechanical seals
  • MSHA-rated version available
  • Class F motor insulation
  • Built-in thermal protection
  • 2 pole motors
  • 1.5 HP – 75 HP
  • Made in the USA
ModelDatasheet & CurvesMotor RatingVoltagePhase FrequencyFull Load AmpsDischargeWeightMax HeadMax FlowMax Solids
S150-1ph Download IFS-Stancor-S150-datasheet.pdf 1.5hp120/2301ph-60Hz13/4.82" NPT-M41 lbs40'132 GPM6mm
S150-3ph Download IFS-Stancor-S150-datasheet.pdf 1.5hp208/230/460/5753ph-60Hz5.3/4.8/2.4/2.22" NPT-M41 lbs53'132 GPM6mm
S500HH/HV-1ph Download IFS-Stancor-S500-datasheet.pdf 4.6hp208/2301ph-60Hz19.9/183" NPT-M77 lbs110' (HH) 70' (HV)190 (HH) 300 (HV) GPM8mm
S500HH/HV-3ph Download IFS-Stancor-S500-datasheet.pdf 4.6hp208/230/460/5753ph-60Hz14.4/13/6.5/5.23" NPT-M77 lbs110' (HH) 70' (HV)190 (HH) 300 (HV) GPM8mm
S750HH/HV-1ph Download IFS-Stancor-S7500-datasheet.pdf 6.4hp208/2301ph-60Hz24.3/223" (HH) 4" (HV) NPT-M87 lbs105' (HH) 73' (HV)210 (HH) 300 (HV) GPM8mm
S750HH/HV-3ph Download IFS-Stancor-S750-datasheet.pdf 6.4hp208/230/460/5753ph-60Hz19.7/17.8/8.9/8.63" (HH) 4" (HV) NPT-M87 lbs105' (HH) 73' (HV)320 (HH) 415 (MR) 950 (HV) GPM8mm
S1000HH/HV Download IFS-Stancor-S1000-datasheet.pdf 10hp208/230/460/5753ph-60Hz39/35/17.5/143" (HH) 4" (HV) NPT-M124 lbs155' (HH) 120' (HV)480 (HH) 650 (HV) GPM8mm
S1500HH/MR/HV Download IFS-Stancor-S1500-datasheet.pdf 15hp230/460/575/9503ph-60Hz40/20/16/123" (HH) 4" (HV) NPT-M244 lbs230' (HH), 160' (MR) 125' (HV)350 (HH) 600 (MR) 850 (HV) GPM9mm
S2000HH/MR/HV Download IFS-Stancor-S2000-datasheet.pdf 20HP230/460/575/9503ph-60Hz49/24.5/17.25/134" (HH, MR) 6" (HV) NPT-M282 lbs300' (HH) 240' (MR) 145' (HV)320 (HH) 415 (MR) 950 (HV) GPM9mm
S3000HH/MR/HV Download IFS-Stancor-S3000-datasheet.pdf 30hp230/460/575/9503ph-60Hz80/39/30/204" (HH, MR) 6" (HV) NPT-M326 lbs380' (HH) 220' (MR) 140' (HV)420 (HH) 700 (MR) 1400 (HV) GPM9mm
S4500HH/MR/HV Download IFS-Stancor-S4500-datasheet.pdf 45hp460/575/9503ph-60Hz52/41/254" (HH, MR) 6" (HV) NPT-M345 lbs430' (HH) 280' (MR) 180' (HV)450 (HH) 700 (MR) 1500 (HV) GPM9mm
S6000HH/MR/HV Download IFS-Stancor-S6000-datasheet.pdf 60hp460/575/9503ph-60Hz77/62/376" (HH) 8" (MR,HV) NPT-M1140 (HH,MR) 1200 (HV) lbs320' (HH) 210' (MR) 100' (HV)1100 (HH) 1950 (MR) 3800 (HV) GPM9mm
S7500HH Download IFS-Stancor-S7500-datasheet.pdf 75HP460/575/9503ph-60Hz86/69/426" NPT-M1140 lbs330'1200 GPM9mm