Waste management is a crucial factor to consider in managing wort and producing beer. Selecting the proper solution and design helps avoid production delays, potential fines and product contamination. "Tap In" to learn more from our experts who are not only pump enthusiasts, but also avid brewers!

Spend Less on Spent Grains with Proper Waste Management

Waste management is often an afterthought when designing a brewery. With a properly designed waste management system in place, you can avoid costly production delays, and potential fines from local, state, or federal environmental agencies. To help ensure your waste management system can maintain your sanitation requirements, consider the following: Solids Handling, Corrosion Resistance & High Temperatures.

With four decades of food and beverage experience, IFS can help you design and specify a wastewater pumping system that’s perfect for your needs. Contact us to talk to an expert.