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  • Oil Minder®

    • Customizable pump and control system for oil and water sensing
    • Integrated oil and water level sensing solution and customized automation controls
    • Self-cleaning, maintenance-free probes
    • Plug-and-play, multi-pin connector
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    • DERAGGERLite™ anti-ragging device will eradicate pump clogs in wastewater pumps
    • Reduces spills and polluting incidents
    • Minimal interruption to ‘live’ sites
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    • Wealth of diagnostic information and pump data
    • Simple plug and play to any starter type
    • Includes multiple Apps to help protect your assets
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  • PowerMonitor™

    • Robust power analyzer and data logger combined.
    • Can be installed into existing or new panels
    • Easy-to-use keypad has USB connectivity and convenient SD Card data storage
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    • Modular interface for DERAGGER+ and supported accessories
    • Increases energy efficiency and reduces cost
    • Easily commissioned through color touch screen HMI
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  • Customized Control Panels

    • Customized automation pump controls and level sensors
    • Manage an entire system of pumps and associated equipment
    • Graphical dashboards and numerical level indicators
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  • Duplex Control Panels

    • Float operated control panel with alarm for two pump automation
    • Single phase, 3-phase
    • Multi-function option available for 3 floats, 4 floats, or transducer
    • Coordinate multiple operations/limit fluctuations in water levels
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  • Traction Minder Stancor Pump

    Traction Minder™

    • Packaged solution to address ASME 17.1 code requirements for traction (electric) elevators
    •  Submersible pump, level sensor control panel and float package
    •  Meets 50, 100 and 150 GMP at specified distance (feet)
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