High temperature, solids handling, corrosion resistant, explosion proof pumps.

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Solids handling, explosion proof, corrosion-resistant, dewatering pumps.

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Pumps & accessories for residential, civil, industrial, and construction applications.

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Customizable water & oil sensing alarm system for ASME 17.1 & SPCC compliance.

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Direct In-Line pump system engineered to eliminate the wet well.

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Intelligent DERAGGER+ control systems & advanced network monitoring technology.

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Imagine a future with smart pumping stations and no more wet wells.

The OverWatch® Direct In-Line Pump system solves many problems associated with traditional wet wells by lifting influent directly from the inlet to the discharge while detecting and responding to solids, eliminating potential clogs.

Learn more in this recently published Whitepaper: A Revolutionary Approach to Eliminate the Wet Well by Jim Huck

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Direct In-Line Pump System

Changing the world one wet well at a time

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