WRc DERAGGER Report and Trial Results

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In 2018 WRc (Water Research Centre Limited) ran a robust, independently verified trial of the DERAGGER technology to evaluate what performance can be achieved in blockage prevention, and what efficiency / energy saving can the technology achieve?

The work assesses the installation process, establishes on what assets and under what conditions can these benefits be achieved and confirms that there are no adverse impacts on existing assets. Amongst other things, the report finds:

  1. Over-whelming evidence the DERAGGER keeps pumps clean, without the need for manual lifting & cleaning.
  2. Big increases in pump efficiency from 5% up to 80%, and associated decreases in runtime which in turn will help asset life.
  3. Big benefits not just on badly ragging stations, but also on stations which don’t regularly trip out, but are often running partially ragged without anyone knowing.

The full report can be downloaded below, or you can download a one-page summary of the results achieved.

Summary of Results

Full Results

Press Release

WRc Comparison Study:

In addition, WRc also previous undertook a comparison study, which saw the DERAGGER+ come out on top compared to any other individual pump controllers, and the DERAGGER PRO top the whole station controllers.

A summary table and the full report can be downloaded by clicking the image of button below:

WRc Accreditation:

The WRc (Water Research Centre) has now officially approved and certified both the DERAGGER+  and the DERAGGER PRO.

This full and robust accreditation process studied all aspects of quality, supply chain, test processes etc., and the results from the recent WRc study (see more here) were also reviewed.  We believe our products are some of the very first electronic devices to go through this process and to receive WRc accreditation.

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