A brewery needed a wastewater pumping system to meet new demands. The BJM SXF Series submersible high temperature pump effectively managed the challenge.

BJM® High Temperature Pumps essential in brewery wastewater treatment system

Beverage Pump Problems: 

  • Acidic Wastewater with a PH of 4
  • High Temperature Wastewater over 140°F
  • With any brewery or winery, the wastewater contains solids that could erode or clog the pumps, thereby reducing pump reliability and risking operational delays

High Temperature Pump Project Overview

The Brewers Association recently reported that the craft brewing industry has grown an average of 10.9% over the last decade. With growing enthusiasm from consumers, it’s no surprise that breweries are expanding their operations to meet the increase in demand. Expanding operations successfully means implementing reliable equipment.

After meeting at the Craft Brewers conference, a successful brewery collaborated with ClearBlu Environmental, a full-service design-build firm that specializes in applying sustainable technologies to process wastewater treatment and reclamation.

Since their business was growing rapidly, the brewery wanted to expand their operations in Blanco, Texas. An efficient treatment system was required to process the wastewater generated by the brewery.


BJM Pumps® Model SX22CSS- F Solution

ClearBlu Environmental designed the pretreatment system, which included screening, settling, and ph balancing, as well as the pond design, aeration system, bacterial treatment, and final-stage flow monitoring. It was determined that three lift stations would need to be installed, with two pumps to operate in each lift station. 

Bixby selected two BJM Model SX22CSS- F submersible pumps to be installed in a duplex arrangement within the cylindrical fiberglass primary lift station. The BJM Model SX22CSS-F submersible pumps were the best solution for handling the brewery’s wastewater. 

Since their installation in June 2013, the BJM submersible pumps have performed reliably, operating at 460 volts and pumping up to 200 gallons per minute. Flow control within the system helps regulate the amount of brewery wastewater that travels to the small town’s wastewater treatment plant, ensuring the flow is spread out evenly over a 24-hour period. The lift stations have been kept clear of settled solids and have not overflowed due to the BJM pumps’ reliable performance. 

BJM Pumps® Model SX22CSS- F Features 

  • Superior Motor Insulation and SS Motor Housing • Seal Minder® Moisture Detection System
  • ANSI Flange or NPT Discharge
  • Wear-Resistant – wetted parts made of 316SS
  • Corrosion Resistant

BJM Pumps® Model SX22CSS- F Application

  • Food & Beverage Processing
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Processing 
  • Metal Plating
  • Municipal Applications