Boiler Blowouts: Renewable energy plant installs hi-temp slurry pumps to eradicate pump failures. Covanta Energy is one of North America’s largest owners and operators of waste-to-energy plants and other renewable power facilities. Their 60+ facilities produce electricity for about one million homes. The Covanta Dade energy plant in Florida processes 4,200 tons of municipal solid waste and biomass fuel daily. The plant burns that waste to produce electricity, boiling water to turn turbines that generate 77 megawatts of power. During the boiler blowout procedure, 185°F water is pumped from the system to minimize buildup of scale and corrosion. Read about Covanta engineers' pump solution that could stand up to 185°F water, was resistant to corrosion and abrasive sand and grit, and a pump that was available with the high head option needed for the application.