Horizontal Directional Drilling: Leveraging heavy-duty slurry pumps for national O&G projects. Oil and gas industries often drill non-vertical wells at multiple angles to better reach energy reserves and minimize the wells’ environmental impacts. One Colorado-based horizontal directional drilling (HDD) company deploys their fleet of trucks and portable drilling equipment to support oil and gas infrastructure projects all over the country. Once on site, the drilling company prepares for their HDD project by digging a 10-foot deep, 15’x15’ holding pit for the cuttings, mud and spent drillers fluid used in the boring process. They insert a submersible slurry pump to transport spent drilling fluid to a separator truck, which uses mesh screens to filter out the rocks, gravel, and debris. The drillers mud is then ready for re-use in the horizontal drill rig. Read about how the KZN heavy duty slurry pumps are engineered for abrasive slurry, sturdy and mobile, and capable of 24/7 continuous operations.