Plywood producer reduces maintenance costs with Fahrenheit® shredder pump. One of the world’s largest suppliers of plywood was experiencing excessive repairs and replacement costs for the industrial wastewater solids-handling pumps used in plywood production. The shredder pump operating inside the 12-foot deep bark pit is responsible for dewatering the bark pit and pumping the softened pine pieces to a separate holding container. The hot caustic water, large wood pieces, and 24/7 operation caused their main pump to repeatedly overheat, corrode and fail. Read how the Industrial Flow Solutions™ BJM® Fahrenheit® SKXF series high temperature solids handling, shredding/cutting, non-clog pump can withstand temperatures up to 200°F, ideal for the plywood de-barking application. The pump has run smoothly with no repairs, saving the plywood producer over $11,000 in purchase and maintenance expenses annually since installation in 2015.