Galveston seawall cofferdams rebuilt using LWA® dewatering pumps. Galveston, Texas boasts a 17-foot seawall, built in the early 1900s, that protects the city from storms. The engineering feat that followed building the seawall was to raise the entire city up to the edge of the seawall, then slope the island down again to drain the water into the bay. The original engineers accomplished this by pumping sand and seawater slurry underneath buildings to raise the island. The seawater ran off – leaving the sand and building up the island. After Hurricane Ike devastated southeast Texas in 2008, Galveston Island’s seawall was damaged. When Boyer started working on the cofferdams, the existing dewatering pumps failed frequently due to clogging and corrosion from silt, sand, and salt. Read why Boyer Construction replaced existing pumps with BJM Pumps® lightweight, hard metal dewatering agitator pumps.