Reliability for Refineries: Petroleum coke facility reduces failure rates with heavy-duty slurry pump. PABTEX, L.P., located in Port Arthur, Texas, is a bulk commodity handing facility that exports petroleum coke. PABTEX stores up to 500,000 tons of material before transferring the petcoke to shipping terminals for transport to refineries globally. Raw petcoke is transported to the terminal in bottom dump railcars, processed through shakers to break it into smaller chunks for easier conveyor transport. Beneath the shakers is an 80ft deep conveyer shaft. Rainwater routinely fills up this conveyer shaft and requires a large sump pump to reroute rainwater to a retention pond. With the shakers directly above the conveyer shaft, pieces of abrasive petroleum coke fall into the shaft, separating slurry and routinely clogging the pumps. Read how maintenance supervisor for Savage Gulf Services, which operates the PABTEX Port Arthur terminal, found a new solution with the BJM KZN heavy-duty slurry pump.