Squeezing Out Profits: Fahrenheit® high temperature shredder pumps unlock profitability at juice producer. A Florida-based juice production facility grows and processes oranges to yield 90 million gallons of fresh orange juice every year. As one of the largest suppliers of Florida orange juice in the U.S., the juice producer also operates a feed mill on-site that turns fruit peels into cattle feed. The 170°F hot, corrosive liquids caused pumps to overheat and fail at a high rate. Improperly shredded solids debris also led to clogging and pump failures. The in-house maintenance team replaced its submersible pumps frequently, at a cost of $10,000-$15,000 per year. Increasing operating costs motivated the mill to source new submersible pumps better suited for their specific applications. Learn why they chose Fahrenheit® SKXF Series high temperature, corrosion resistant, non-clog shredder pumps by Industrial Flow Solutions™