Electric Grinder Pumps with Cutting System


  • Built in macerator in the inlet breaks down solids in wastewater, permitting transport along relatively narrow, often pre-existing pipes
  • Main components fabricated in cast iron GG20
  • Available in 60Hz, 230/460 V options
  • Relay installed for correction operation of the float switch on the 3ph motor
  • EVO Version – with double mechanical seal in oil chamber – accessible oil chamber
  • Motor side: Carbon/Ceramic (CA/CE/Viton)
  • Impeller side: (SIC/SIC/Viton)


  • Domestic sewage
  • Liquids with suspended solids
  • When high pressure is needed
ModelDatasheet & CurvesMotor RatingVoltagePhase FrequencyFull Load AmpsDischargeWeightMax HeadMax FlowMax Solids
GRIX 32-2/090 T Download IFS-BJM-GRIX-32-2-90-datasheet.pdf 0.75kW (1HP)230/4603ph-60Hz4.2/2.132mm (1.25in) NPS21kg (46lbs)73'34 GPMN/A
GRIX 32-2/110 T Download IFS-BJM-GRIX-32-2-110-datasheet.pdf 1.12kW (1.5HP)230/4603ph-60Hz5/2.532mm (1.25in) NPS26kg (56lbs)107'36 GPMN/A
GRIX 32-2/140 T Download IFS-BJM-GRIX-32-2-140-datasheet.pdf 1.49kW (2HP)230/4603ph-60Hz6.8/3.432mm (1.25in) NPS28kg (62lbs)121'36 GPMN/A