High Flow, High Head, Abrasion-Resistant Dewatering Pumps

  • High flow, abrasion-resistant dewatering pump
  • Head capability up to 400′
  • Flow capability up to 1000 GMP
  • High chrome iron impeller ductile iron wear plate and pump volute
  • Hard metal components
  • Oil-lubricated, double mechanical seal
  • Seal failure protection circuit
  • Solids handling capabilities up to ¼”
  • Class F motor insulation
  • Top discharge
  • 15 HP – 100 HP
ModelDatasheet & CurvesMotor RatingVoltagePhase FrequencyFull Load AmpsDischargeWeightMax HeadMax FlowMax Solids
KHD110 Download IFS-BJM-KHD110-datasheet.pdf 15hp460/5753ph-60Hz19.5/15.53" 150 LB. ANSI, Slip-On Flange390 lbs218'178 GPM.31"
KHD220 Download IFS-BJM-KHD220-datasheet.pdf 30hp460/5753ph-60Hz37/29.54" 150 LB. ANSI, Slip-On Flange750 lbs242'503 GPM.24"
KHD450 Download IFS-BJM-KHD450-datasheet.pdf 60hp460/5753ph-60Hz37/29.53" 300 LB. ANSI, Slip On Flange1800 lbs398'540 GPM.24"
KHD750 Download IFS-BJM-KHD750-datasheet.pdf 100hp460/5753ph-60Hz120/966" 300 LB. ANSI, Slip-On Flange1900 lbs407'1030 GPM.24"
KHH220 Download IFS-BJM-KHH220-datasheet.pdf 30hp460/5753ph-60Hz37/29.53" 300 LB. ANSI, Slip On Flange890 lbs398'237 GPM.24"