Abrasion-Resistant Slurry Pump

  • Slurry pump for abrasive liquids
  • Hardened alloy wet‐end materials for heavily contaminated liquid
  • Semi-open, high chrome impeller/ agitator
  • Ductile iron volute
  • Double internal mechanical seals with silicon carbide faces
  • Built-in thermal and amperage sensing
  • Top discharge
  • Solids handling up to 1″ (25 mm)
  • 3 phase
  • Built-in thermal protection
  • SUS 410 motor shaft
  • 4 pole motors
  • Class F motor insulation
  • 5 HP – 30 HP
ModelDatasheet & CurvesMotor RatingVoltagePhase FrequencyFull Load AmpsDischargeWeightMax HeadMax FlowMax Solids
SKR-337* Download IFS-Stancor-SKR337-datasheet.pdf 5hp230/460/5753ph-60Hz15/7.7/6.33" NPT-M242 lbs49'342 GPM25mm
SKR-355*7.5hp230/460/5753ph-60Hz22.6/11.5/9.23" NPT-M271 lbs68'450 GPM25mm
SKR-437* Download IFS-Stancor-SKR437-datasheet.pdf 5hp230/460/5753ph-60Hz15/7.7/6.34" NPT-M242 lbs46'455 GPM25mm
SKR-455* Download IFS-Stancor-SKR455-datasheet.pdf 7.5hp230/460/5753ph-60Hz22.6/11.5/9.24" NPT-M273 lbs57'593 GPM25mm
SKR-475* Download IFS-Stancor-SKR475-datasheet.pdf 10hp230/460/5753ph-60Hz30.1/15/12.24" NPT-M273 lbs61'627 GPM25mm
SKR-4110* Download IFS-Stancor-SKR4110-datasheet.pdf 15hp230/460/5753ph-60Hz45.2/22.6/17.94" NPT-M421 lbs83'810 GPM25mm
SKR-6110* Download IFS-Stancor-SKR6110-datasheet.pdf 15hp230/460/5753ph-60Hz45.2/22.6/17.96" NPT-M423 lbs72'999 GPM35mm
SKR-6150* Download IFS-Stancor-SKR6150-datasheet.pdf 20HP230/460/5753ph-60Hz60.3/30.1/24.16" NPT-M443 lbs100'1127 GPM35mm
SKR-6220* Download IFS-Stancor-SKR6220-datasheet.pdf 30hp460/5753ph-60Hz45.2/36.26" NPT-M761 lbs105'1265 GPM30mm
SKR-8220* Download IFS-Stancor-SKR8220-datasheet.pdf 30hp460/5753ph-60Hz45.2/36.28" NPT-M783 lbs79'1660 GPM40mm