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  • P/S Series Stancor Pump

    P/S Series (MSHA Rated)

    • Explosion-Proof (MSHA Rated)
    • Heavy-duty, dewatering pump with cast 356-T6 aluminum motor housing
    • Stainless steel handle and discharge connection
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  • MSHA Rated Stancor Pump

    SL Solids (MSHA Rated)

    • EXPLOSION-PROOF (MSHA-rated) SL series
    • Heavy-duty, solids handling vortex trash pump
    • Designed to efficiently manage large solids (trash) while pumping liquids
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  • XP KZN Series BJM Pump

    XP-KZN Series

    • Abrasion-resistant solids-handling pump
    • Heavy duty high-chrome agitator (28%) for sand/ sludge/ slurry applications
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