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  • KZN Series BJM Pump

    KZN Series

    • Abrasion-resistant solids-handling pump
    • Heavy duty, high-chrome agitator for sand/ sludge/ slurry applications
    • Double silicon carbide mechanical seals
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  • KB Series BJM Pump

    KB Series

    • Heavy duty hard metal wastewater drainage pump with agitator
    • Wastewater removal in sand/slurry/sludge applications
    • Hard metal components
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  • BJM KHH series pump

    KHD/KHH Series

    • HIGH FLOW (<1000 GMP), or HIGH HEAD (<400')  abrasion-resistant, dewatering pump
    • High chrome iron impeller
    • Ductile iron wear plate and pump volute, hard metal components
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  • KZE BJM Series BJM Pump

    KZE Series

    • High capacity, hard metal slurry pump with agitator
    • High chrome iron agitator and iron ware parts
    • Semi-open impeller (<1” solids)
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  • KZN HYD Series BJM Pump

    KZN-HYD Series

    • HYDRAULIC abrasion resistant, solids handling hard metal slurry pump
    • Hydraulic requirements: 8.2GPM – 25GPM
    • Semi-open impeller handles high concentration of abrasive solids
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  • LWA Series BJM Pump

    LWA Series

    • Lightweight hard metal agitator dewatering pump
    • Designed for dewatering sand, silt, coal fines and abrasive light slurries
    • Max solids:0.4” (sand, silt, coal fines and abrasive light slurries)
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  • SKR Series BJM Pumps

    SKR Series

    • Slurry pump for abrasive liquids
    • Hardened alloy wet‐end materials for heavily contaminated liquid
    • Semi-open, high chrome impeller/ agitator
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