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  • OverWatch – Booster

    The OverWatch® Direct In-Line Booster Pump is an innovative technology that improves traditional wastewater collection system challenges. The pumps are composed of a shared hydraulic stainless-steel body that is sized to the collection pipe.
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  • OverWatch – Single Pump

    The OverWatch® Single Pump Series (SP Series) is a direct in-line ejector pump system designed to match pumping performance in real-time with the inlet flow.
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    • DERAGGERLite™ anti-ragging device will eradicate pump clogs in wastewater pumps
    • Reduces spills and polluting incidents
    • Minimal interruption to ‘live’ sites
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  • overwatch direct line pump

    OverWatch® Direct In-Line Pump System

    • Patented system lifts effluent directly at point of entry
    • Patented impeller/shredder cuts fibrous materials and other solids
    • Variable Speed Drives for continuous modulated pumping directly from the effluent inlet to save energy
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  • Perfecta Series BJM Pump

    Perfecta® Series

    • Lightweight, corrosion resistant, non-metallic dewatering pump
    • Compact and highly durable
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  • PowerMonitor™

    • Robust power analyzer and data logger combined.
    • Can be installed into existing or new panels
    • Easy-to-use keypad has USB connectivity and convenient SD Card data storage
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  • SKF Series BJM Pump

    SKF Series

    • Fahrenheit® HIGH TEMPERATURE, solids-handling, non-clog pump
    • Solids handling <3.5”
    • 304 stainless steel
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    • Modular interface for DERAGGER+ and supported accessories
    • Increases energy efficiency and reduces cost
    • Easily commissioned through color touch screen HMI
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  • SS Series Stancor Pump

    SS Series

    • Corrosion-resistant, 316 stainless steel solids handling wastewater pump
    • 316 stainless steel construction, FKM elastomers
    • Non-clogging vortex impeller
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  • JXH Series BJM Pump

    JXH Series

    • CORROSION-RESISTANT, high head (140’) dewatering pump
    • Cast 316 stainless steel, no welds
    • Solids capability <3/8”
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  • J Series BJM Pump

    J Series

    • Cast iron effluent general sump dewatering pump
    • High flow <650 GPM
    • Solids capability up to 3/8”
    • 304 stainless steel motor housing
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  • JF Series BJM Pump

    JF Series

    • Fahrenheit® HIGH TEMPERATURE dewatering pump
    • High flow up to 650GPM
    • Solids handling <3/8”
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  • JH Series BJM Pump

    JH Series

    • HIGH HEAD (<140’) general sump dewatering pump
    • Cast iron construction
    • Solids capability up to 3/8”
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  • JHF Series BJM Pump

    JHF Series

    • Fahrenheit® HIGH TEMPERATURE, high head, dewatering pump
    • Temperatures up to 200°F (93°C)
    • High head up to 140’
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  • JX Series BJM Pump

    JX Series

    • CORROSION RESISTANT, high flow (<650GPM) dewatering pump
    • Cast 316 stainless steel
    • Solids handling <3/8”
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  • JXF Series BJM Pump

    JXF Series

    • Fahrenheit® HIGH TEMPERATURE, corrosion-resistant, dewatering pump
    • Cast 316 stainless steel
    • High temperature up to 200°F (93°C)
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  • JXHF Series BJM Pump

    JXHF Series

    • Fahrenheit® HIGH TEMPERATURE, CORROSION-RESISTANT, high head (140’) dewatering pump
    • Cast 316 stainless steel, no welds
    • Temperatures up to 200°F (93°C)
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  • KB Series BJM Pump

    KB Series

    • Heavy duty hard metal wastewater drainage pump with agitator
    • Wastewater removal in sand/slurry/sludge applications
    • Hard metal components
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  • KBF Series BJM Pump

    KBF Series

    • Fahrenheit® HIGH TEMPERATURE wastewater slurry pump
    • Abrasive resistant chrome iron components
    • Narrow (<13.5” diameter)
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  • BJM KHH series pump

    KHD/KHH Series

    • HIGH FLOW (<1000 GMP), or HIGH HEAD (<400')  abrasion-resistant, dewatering pump
    • High chrome iron impeller
    • Ductile iron wear plate and pump volute, hard metal components
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  • KZN HYD Series BJM Pump

    KZN-HYD Series

    • HYDRAULIC abrasion resistant, solids handling hard metal slurry pump
    • Hydraulic requirements: 8.2GPM – 25GPM
    • Semi-open impeller handles high concentration of abrasive solids
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  • LX Series Stancor Pump

    LX Series

    • Heavy-duty non-clog wastewater pump
    • Non-clog, cast iron single channel impeller
    • Large 3" solid passage
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  • P/S Series Stancor Pump

    P/S Series

    • Heavy duty, dewatering pump with cast 356 T6 aluminum motor housing
    • Stainless steel handle and discharge connection
    • Wear-resistant, nitrile rubble/wear plates.
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  • Series R BJM Pump

    R Series

    • Small, low HP range dewatering pump
    • Robust cast iron construction
    • Top discharge, slim line design
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  • RX Series BJM Pump

    RX Series

    • Portable, corrosion-resistant dewatering pump
    • Cast 316 stainless steel (ASTM 48), no welds
    • Motor cooling feature for low level liquid applications
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  • SE/SV Series BJM Pump

    SE/SV Series

    • Non-clog solids handling wastewater pump
    • Cast iron, vortex impeller
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  • SEW Series Stancor Pump

    SEW Series

    • Heavy-duty, non-clog solids handling wastewater pump
    • Cast iron pump with recess vortex impeller to pass 2‐inch solids
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  • SF Series BJM Pump

    SF Series

    • Fahrenheit® HIGH TEMPERATURE
    • Solids-handling wastewater pump
    • 304 stainless steel motor housing
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  • SKR Series BJM Pumps

    SKR Series

    • Slurry pump for abrasive liquids
    • Hardened alloy wet‐end materials for heavily contaminated liquid
    • Semi-open, high chrome impeller/ agitator
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  • SL Series Stancor Pump

    SL Solids Series

    • Heavy-duty, solids handling vortex trash pump
    • Designed to efficiently manage large solids (trash) while pumping liquids
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  • SSDS Series BJM Pumps

    SSDS Series

    • Corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel dewatering pump
    • 304 stainless steel construction
    • Top discharge design allows dry run capability
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  • SV Series BJM Pump

    SV Series

    • Non-clog, solids handling pump with vortex impeller
    • Non-clog design for sewage, viscous liquids, rags, effluent water
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  • SVF Series BJM Pump

    SVF Series

    • Fahrenheit® High Temperature, Solids Handling, recessed vortex impeller
    • Vortex impeller
    • Abrasion resistance w/ hardened ductile iron
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  • SX Series BJM Pump

    SX Series

    • CORROSION-RESISTANT solids-handling non-clog pump
    • 316 stainless steel (ASTM 48)
    • Max solids 2.5”
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  • SXF Series BJM Pump

    SXF Series

    • Fahrenheit® HIGH TEMPERATURE, corrosion-resistant, solids-handling non-clog pump
    • High temps up to 200°F (93°C)
    • Non-clog impellers, max solids 2.5”
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  • XP JX BJM Series Pump

    XP-JX Series

    • Corrosion-resistant, dewatering pump
    • Cast 316 stainless steel (ASTM 48) wet end, no welds
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  • XP-JXH Series BJM Pump

    XP-JXH Series

    • Corrosion-resistant, high head (<112’) dewatering pump
    • Cast 316 stainless steel (ASTM 48) wet end, no welds
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  • BJM XP Series

    XP-SK Series

    • Shredding/cutting pump
    • Solids handling <3.5”
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  • XP SKG Series BJM Pump

    XP-SKG Series

    • Patented Dual-shredding RAD-AX® (Radial + Axial) technology dewatering pump
    • Prevents clogs in wastewater  10% solids
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